Wellness Seminars

Wellness Seminar

Wellness Seminars

Wellness seminars are a common component of corporate wellness programs. Wellness seminars are educational programs and educational activities about a health topic or about the status of their health. Wellness seminars and employee education expenses may include self-help books, wellness seminars and classes. Unlike awareness activities, all employees are not exposed to education activities. Employees are taking the initiative on their own to attend classes and seminars. Education activities are appropriate for the “self-motivator”.

Introductory wellness seminars can run from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the time that your organization has available and the purpose of the wellness seminar. During wellness seminars, each employee that takes part has the opportunity to develop individual plans for change and to integrate these changes within the overall corporate wellness program. Wellness seminars can focus on such topics as stress management, time management, smoking cessation, nutrition and health, physical activity, and weight management.

Wellness Seminars: Focus and Phases

The focus of wellness seminars for employees generally go through three phases:

  1. The first phase of a wellness seminar is comprehension. In the comprehension phase, the employee learns more about the topic through lectures, films, and any other relevant materials.
  2. The second phase of a wellness seminar is recognition. An employee wellness survey may be passed out during this phase. Employees in these seminars recognize what lifestyle choices they have made. Employees are identifying their habits individually and as a group/organization. The results are compiled to look at the information as a whole. In the recognition phase employees have the opportunity to set individual goals and group/organizational goals.
  3. The third phase of a wellness seminar is modification. Seminars provide employees with time to make individual changes.