Wellness Program Evaluation Timetable

Wellness Program Evaluation

Wellness Program Evaluation Timetable

You also need to develop a realistic wellness program evaluation timetable for reporting corporate wellness program results to organizational management. It is critical that management be provided with periodic reports of results in order to monitor corporate wellness program performance.

Management needs to be aware that some program objectives can be accomplished quickly while others will take a considerably longer time period. Establishing a realistic wellness program evaluation timetable for management will communicate this information and also
lessen their expectations for immediate results and goal accomplishment.

Typically, a twelve-month period is a reasonable time frame for reporting back to management regarding the program’s accomplishments. Also, anticipated outcomes that are expected to occur in the near future can be addressed.

Usually, in the first year of program implementation, results can be reported to management in the areas of program awareness, employee participation, and employee satisfaction. In the second year, reductions in absenteeism should have become evident. In years three-five , any improvements in health care costs and workers’ compensation costs should become evident.