Wellness Program Communication and Awareness

Designing a Corporate Wellness Program

Designing a Corporate Wellness Program: Communication and Awareness

When designing a Corporate Wellness Program communication and awareness programs are important components of any corporate wellness programs because they allow employees to take information, read it when they have time, and think about the message. At this point employees may or may not act upon the information.

Awareness activities are meant to increase employees knowledge of corporate wellness programs. All of your employees can be exposed to awareness activities through bulletin boards, electronic mail, voice mail, posters, flyers, and newsletters.

Employees need to be kept current on information about the health promotion topic that you may be focusing on. Check to see if the selected focus topic is related to the National Health Calendar. How does this topic relate to your employee’s life? Update employees on the current health trends. Information regarding the benefits of wellness, wellness tips, and specific wellness activities of the organization need to be provided on a regular basis to the entire staff of your organization.

Here are some ways to keep the lines of communication open in the work place:

  • Health Wellness Newsletters – develop or use an existing employee newsletter. A good technique is to feature in each issue an employee who has made a positive health change in his/her life, or feature healthy food choices available in your cafeteria.
  • Wellness Bulletin Boards – constantly update bulletin boards with upcoming meetings, classes, and current information. Bulletin boards are a great way to keep employees updated because many are located in high-traffic areas.
  • Wellness Email’s – send employees reminders a couple of days before a scheduled program/event. E-mail employees a monthly calendar of events.
  • Health Promotion Posters – put up eye-catching, colorful posters that are related to the health topic you are currently featuring. The information should be kept short and simple. For example, if the topic of the month is “Stress Management” post flyers with three ways to reduce stress in your life (such as manage your time wisely, talk with friends and family, and practice stopping negative thoughts). Check with local non-profit organizations for free posters and brochures.

The components of the corporate wellness program that you implement should be rotated to keep employees interested. Your budget may only support one big event each year, lunchtime brown-baggers, a newsletter, and some awareness flyers – don’t be discouraged. Plan activities to coincide with National Health Observances so you can tap into additional resources from the sponsoring non-profit organization. The National Health Observances calendar and the Health and Safety Events – Months of the Year Calendar. By planning your activities to coincide with a national observance, this will help you get related posters and pamphlets easier through the non-profit organization that is sponsoring the event.