Wellness in the Workplace

Behavior Change Programs - Stages of Change

Wellness in the Workplace: Stages of Change


  • No thought has been given to worksite wellness by the employer or the employees
  • No intention to take action within the next six months


  • Employer or employee hears about wellness programs and begins thinking about it and seeking information about wellness programs
  • Employer or employee attends meeting about wellness programs and there is discussion about starting a program
  • Health insurance premiums increasing, and employer is interested in exploring ways to reduce cost
  • Intends to take action within the next six months


  • Employer or employee decides worksite wellness program is a good idea
  • Employer or employee seeks information from other worksites, wellness consultants, corporate wellness companies and / or wellness program websites about wellness programming
  • Employer or employee assesses the needs and interests of the employees through organizational health risk assessments, employee health screening and employee interest surveys.
  • Examines worksites healthcare claims data to determine wellness needs
  • Forms a wellness committee or wellness team
  • Intends to take action within the next 30 days and has taken some behavioral steps in this direction


  • Uses results of the health risk assessments and employee interest surveys to develop worksite wellness programs.
  • Discusses with insurers if wellness benefits and service are available
  • Develops and implements worksite wellness programs (smoking cessation, vending, healthy food) and worksite wellness policies.
  • Connects employees to health coach / wellness coach services when appropriate
  • Develops comprehensive Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Plan o reduce health care utilization and improve health status
  • Has changed behavior for less than six months


  • Ongoing evaluation of worksite wellness program efforts and making necessary changes
  • Evaluates Chronic Disease Prevention & Control Plan
  • Has changed behavior for more than six months