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Add New Capabilities, No New Resources

Health Coach and Wellness Coach services make it easy to help employer groups reduce their healthcare costs and improve employee productivity. By including health coach and wellness coach services you can engage employees with person-to-person online and telephonic health coaching and wellness coaching while YOU save time and money on service delivery.

Now you can help your client companies control their healthcare costs by having healthier and engaged employees. provides the perfect health coach and wellness coach solutions to help you expand your capabilities and to help achieve your customers’ goal to improve health status and reduced healthcare costs in a quick, easy, and affordable manner!

Our Health Coach and Wellness Coach Solutions provides an excellent addition to your services, enabling your clients to cost-effectively have daily online and/or phone interaction with their very own certified health coach or wellness coach, not only increasing compliance but also boosting retention and profitability.

It also enables you to distinguish your business as a leader in your market by offering an innovative, effective, unique service. Moreover, we can train your staff to be the health coaches and wellness coaches. Giving you the ultimate in service delivery control without having to build or develop the “know how” internally to provide a health coaching or wellness coaching program.

Extend Your Reach

The anywhere, anytime online and telephone delivery of gives you an innovative and affordable way to stay connected to your clients, providing around-the-clock support and advice to achieving their desired health goals.

Health Coach and Wellness Coach services allow you to reach more people, make them healthier, and do it for less cost than your competition…what a great idea! That’s what Health Coach and Wellness Coach services are, a great idea that improves your business.

Increase Your Patient Involvement

Community can be the city you live in or the members that you serve as part of your patient community. Since this is an integrated online and telephone based service, accessible by anyone with an Internet connection and/or phone, enables you to expand your core services to reach individuals no matter where they may be located and interact with them more frequently in a manner that fits their learning style, communication preferences and lifestyle.

Plus, you’ll be providing your community of members with a proven behavior-changing program. The system’s flexibility allows you to tailor your outreach to virtually any health topic—from simple tobacco cessation or stress reduction to full-scale health coaching and management of disease.

A Small Investment Yields Exceptional ROI

For a small per-client investment, can help you cost-effectively provide Health Coach and Wellness Coach services—without additional staffing or to maximize your current resources by cross training them to be the health coaches and wellness coaches.  This innovative program helps clients feel better about themselves, allows you to better serve your community and is a powerful tool for increasing compliance, ensuring an exceptional return on your investment.

Most importantly, the program achieves an ROI for your clients. The results speak for themselves.  Of those who used the health coaching and wellness coaching model…

  • 94% achieved their primary goal
  • 89% reported improved overall health and well-being
  • 56% improved aerobic conditioning
  • 75% experienced fewer stress-related symptoms
  • 50% increased their healthy eating choices
  • 72% of those who lost weight lost more than five pounds
  • 40% remained tobacco-free at 6 months