Planning a Health Fair

Health Fair - Wellness Fair

Planning a Health Fair

Planning a Health Fair: Decide on a Budget

When planning a health fair it is important to decide on a budget:

  • How much can you spend for the health fair?
  • Do you need to have fund raisers ahead of time to help offset the costs?
  • Are there any businesses that would consider donating to your health fair?
  • Can you get volunteers to help in planning a health fair?

A potential source of income is the sale of refreshments by your organization. You may need a permit from local health authorities, permission from any existing or site food vendors, or the owner of the building.

Planning a Health Fair: Donation ideas

  • health books or magazines
  • health services such as massages, employee health screenings
  • one day pass to a health club
  • food samples from a health food store or healthy restaurant

Planning a Health Fair: Vendor Participation

Vendor participation is important when planning a health fair. Take into consideration:

  1. Approximately how many employees will be attending the health fair?
  2. What kind of activities do you want to have at the health fair? (Ex: healthy food samples, health screening, health plan information, etc.)
  3. Will there be a cost to the vendors to participate in the health fair?
  4. Are there duplicate vendors or health topics?
  5. If some vendors are in competition with one another place the booths in separate areas if possible.
  6. Notify vendors who else is participating

Refer to the sample letter to confirm the participation of vendors.