Planning a Corporate Wellness Program

Designing a Corporate Wellness Program

Planning a Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Programs: The Complete Guide is designed to assist wellness coordinators in planning a corporate wellness program. It covers the benefits of implementing corporate wellness programs and provides you with a step-by-step approach to planning, designing, implementing and evaluating a program. This includes the preliminary steps necessary for planning a corporate wellness program such as:

In addition, it covers the health risk factors that affect an employee’s health that can be modified through various corporate wellness programs and interventions. It provides a comprehensive discussion of these corporate wellness programs and interventions as well as providing information about specific activities and programs that can be implemented at the worksite.

Various stages of lifestyle or behavior modification are discussed and suggestions made on steps to provide support and motivation to the employee. It also covers the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of your corporate wellness program and the types of evaluations that can be conducted.

This guide will orient wellness coordinators to wellness companies and wellness resources that are available nationally and in their local community. A bibliography of wellness related literature and educational material can also be found on the website for use within your own corporate wellness programs.