Planning a Corporate Wellness Program: Gaining Management Support

Corporate Wellness Programs - Gaining Management Support

Gaining Management Support For Corporate Wellness

Before the corporate wellness program can be implemented, there must be management support which is expressed in words and involvement. Management can demonstrate commitment to the corporate wellness program by supporting various events and incorporating wellness into the culture. Management must also market the program visibly through newsletters and announcements, and actively participating in events.

To implement a corporate wellness program there may be a need to make adjustments in employees’ work hours and funds may need to be allocated to help purchase supplies, equipment, etc. for the program. It is valuable if management actually gets involved in the corporate wellness program to show that they are also committed to a healthy lifestyle. If employees see that management is interested and supportive of a corporate wellness program, more employees will feel comfortable participating in available programs.

Health education needs a high level of support in all organizations. Sometimes it is difficult to get support for the corporate wellness program from management and employees if there are limited resources. It will help to stress these health promotion points:

  • In order to have a productive business environment employees must be healthy – sick employees are absent employees.
  • Corporate wellness programs don’t have to be expensive.
  • If an employee leads a healthier lifestyle, this will reduce health care expenses in the long-run.
  • Many health risks can be modified with a behavior change.
  • Corporate wellness programs strengthen the image of your organization.
  • Generally, employees with a positive self-image are more enthusiastic about their jobs.
  • An employee who is healthy has more potential for a full productive day.

After initially gaining management support for the corporate wellness program, you need to continue to maintain management support. Keep management informed of upcoming events and the progress of the corporate wellness program, including program evaluation data. Give management copies of minutes, literature, and other informative tools that you hand out or find that supports your program. Giving management current information on health trends will help support your corporate wellness program now and in the future.