Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments - Health Risk Appraisals

Health Risk Assessments and Appraisals

What Are Health Risk Assessments?

Health Risk Assessments are a way for a person to find out if they are at risk for a health problem so they can do something about it before it becomes a problem. Health Risk Assessments are done by individuals answering questions about past and present health conditions, family health history and lifestyle choices. There are many different forms of Health Risk Assessments. They can be very simple or very complex and Health Risk Assessments can be done on an individual basis or by an entire workforce.

Purpose for Employers

Health Risk Assessments can give employers better view of the overall health of their employees which can give them information on where they should focus wellness efforts. Health Risk Assessments can also bring important health information to individuals who do not receive regular physicals and screenings.

Purpose for Employees

Health Risk Assessments give participating employees individualized information about their health. It may suggest lifestyle changes to reduce disease risk. It may direct participants to follow up with their healthcare provider. It may help identify previously undetected health problems.

Purpose for Employee’s Physician

Most Health Risk Assessments will provide each employee with a summary of the assessment. Employees can share this summary with their doctor and talk more about the areas they need to work on.