Health Fair

Health Fairs - Wellness Fairs

Health Fair

Conducting a health fair is a great way to raise the staff’s awareness and educate staff about how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Create a festive atmosphere emphasizing that a healthy lifestyle can be fun. A health fair can provide a way to bring health care providers and consumers together.

Health Fairs can introduce and stimulate healthy behaviors and reinforce individuals that already practice healthy behaviors. Health fairs can not only generate interest in leading a healthy lifestyle, they can deliver up-to-date preventative health information.

The first step in conducting a health fair is to define your purpose and the focus of the health fair. You can review the results of the employee wellness surveys for topics of interest. You may want to plan your health fair in May for “National Employee Health and Fitness Month” or September or October in conjunction with the health benefits open enrollment.

Health fairs can include: informative materials on health care coverage, employee health screenings such as cholesterol and blood pressure, healthy food samples, local community groups (such as hospitals), and local health/fitness-related businesses.

Health Fair Location Selection

When selecting a health fair location, you should take the following items into consideration:

  • Is the health fair going to be outdoors or indoors?
  • If the health fair is going to be outdoors, is there a back-up plan for changing weather conditions?
  • How far in advance does the health fair location need to be booked?
  • Is the health fair location easily accessible for the disabled?
  • Is there a place to health promotion posters or health fair banners?
  • Are there electrical outlets available at the health fair location?
  • How close is the proposed site of the health fair to your work place?
  • Are there accessible restrooms?
  • Is there adequate parking or public transportation nearby?
  • Is there going to be a fee for the health fair location?
  • What kind of insurance coverage is necessary for the health fair location?
  • Is the location size adequate for the number of employees that will be attending and the number of vendors that will be set up?
  • What is the physical layout of the health fair location? (Example: Are there several steps and hills that will make it difficult to get around the location?)
  • Who supplies the tables and chairs for the vendors?
  • Are shade covers needed at the health fair location?

After deciding on a health fair location draw a map to scale in order to have a layout that you can arrange the various booths. If the health fair is in several different areas or buildings, have maps available so attendees can easily find their way around.