Health Fair Evaluation

Health Fair Evaluation

Health Fair Evaluation and Assessment

Health fair evaluation is something that everyone who hosts a health fair should consider. Health fair evaluation will allow you to learn what works and what did not work. The information garnered during the health fair evaluation will allow you to better plan your next health fair:

After the health fair has been completed, a health fair evaluation should be made for future reference. Evaluations can be oral feedback, surveys, or both. The health fair should be evaluated by the vendors, sponsors, and attendees. If possible, give the attendees a quick survey to fill out before they leave the health fair.

A sample evaluation form for vendors and employees can be found later in the guide. Find out which booths were the most successful and why. Approximate how many people attended the
health fair. Ask yourself, “Did we meet our objective for having a health fair?”

A health fair entails a lot of planning and work. Don’t forget to thank vendors, sponsors, and attendees. Sending notes out to vendors and sponsors will help reinforce participation in the future. In order to help with future events keep a record of all correspondence, plans, names, and addresses of vendors and sponsors.

Health Fair Evaluation: Health Fair Management

If you feel that you do not have the time or expertise to plan a health fair, there is another option. Let the Corporate Wellness Program team here at Infinite Health Coach manage the health fair for you.  To find out more contact us here [Request a Health Fair Proposal].