Employee Wellness Programs

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Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs are a popular subject among corporations looking to reduce their medical plan costs. Self-funded corporations are leading the way as their worker’s lifestyle decisions directly affect claims. Fully insured corporations are also exploring employee wellness programs.

However, implementing employee wellness programs is not as simple as one might think. Many corporations struggle to understand how to integrate wellness into their company in the context of culture, total pay and reward. All corporations are concerned with maximizing the return on investment for their employee wellness programs.

This series of articles will examine employee wellness programs. Specifically we’ll address:

Most corporations are interested in employee wellness programs, but they need a better understanding of the whole wellness picture and how employee wellness programs may be integrated into the corporate culture. In addition, some corporations are not sure where to begin. The wide variety of employee wellness programs available have organizations wondering which approaches will be best for their staff and their culture.

Increasing medical care costs are driving much of the current interest in employee wellness programs. Employers are exploring any ideas to help control long term health plan costs. employee wellness programs can help improve worker health thus lowering health plan costs for both self-funded and experience rated fully insured plans. Lower medical plan cost is not the only benefit of starting employee wellness programs. employee wellness programs also generate a positive perception of the employer, reduce disability claims, improve morale and increase productivity. Everyone can benefit from comprehensive employee wellness programs.