Employee Wellness Contests – Employee Wellness Challenges

Employee Wellness Contests - Employee Wellness Challenges

Employee Wellness Contests and
Employee Wellness Challenges

Employee Wellness Contests – Employee Wellness Challenge are a fun way to add a little “friendly competition” in the work place. How about rewarding the person who has missed the least days in the walking club? Reward the person who has eaten a nutritious meal every lunch for the past month.

Employee Wellness Contests – Employee Wellness Challenge need to be fun and lighthearted. There can always be more than one winner. The purpose of your contests should be to get a group of people involved that can support each other and have fun at the same time. Support groups are especially important when you are trying to make a change. Identify a contact person in each division to foster friendly competitions.

Following are some examples of possible types of employee wellness contests and challenges:

  • Presidential Sports Award Program – The Presidential Sports Award Program was developed by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports in 1972. It purpose is to motivate all Americans to become more physically active and emphasizes regular exercise rather than outstanding performance.
  • Meeting Clubs – Meeting clubs give employees the continued support and information they need to sustain the behavior change over time. Meeting clubs build a supportive environment for employees. There are different kinds of meeting clubs: specialized meeting clubs are for employees who are interested in a particular health area (such as the reduction of high blood pressure) or generalized meeting clubs that do not focus on one particular health area.  Whether your organization has a specialized meeting club or a generalized meeting club would depend on the health concerns of your employees, the size of your organization, and the number of employees that are involved in the program.

Sample Employee Wellness Contests & Challenges

Strides to a Healthier Worksite – Wellness Challenge Toolkit (PDF)

Part of the Healthy South Dakota wellness program. This employee wellness contest / wellness challenge was developed to assist you with organizing your very own challenge to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. The wellness challenge tool kit includes an overview of a wellness challenge and a step by step guide to setting up the wellness challenge whether it is a steps, minute or 5 A Day challenge. Included in the employee wellness contests / wellness challenge tool kits are a variety of supplemental materials including registration forms, wellness calendars, advertisements and sample challenge resources.

Winona County Walking Challenge (Word)

Trip: Employees, walking and keeping track of their steps individually, will attempt to continue walking “The Great River Road.”  The total distance along the Great River Road is approximately 500 miles from Itasca State Park to the Minnesota/Iowa border.

Total Trip: The challenge is to complete the Great River Road Walk! Let’s see how far along the Great River Road each individual can travel.

INShape Indiana’s SummerFit Wellness Challenge (Link)

INShape Indiana’s summer health and fitness program, SummerFit, is a great avenue for you to continue with your goals of eating healthier, moving more, and stopping a smoking habit you may have. This 8-week program will provide you with tips about nutrition and exercise that specifically coincide with the summer months.

Each week you will receive an email with encouraging words, a new challenge, and events happening around the state that will help you stay on track. Monitor your progress! With the use of our master tracking sheet and daily log sheets, you will be able to keep track of your progress and accomplishments. We recommend keeping your master tracking sheet on your refrigerator or desk, and your daily log sheets in your wallet or purse.

The SummerFit Challenge offers points to participants for practicing healthy behaviors. Exercising regularly, eating properly and not using tobacco products earns participants points which then allows them to track overall progress. This is a great program for the office or a group of friends and family. Consider adding prizes for the highest point totals to make things more competitive. Get started on the SummerFit Challenge today – even during the fall, winter, or spring – by following the links below.

INShape 150

According to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults should engage in a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise (brisk walking) per week in order to improve personal health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the 150 minute target can be broken down into smaller chunks of time. Physical activity can be spread out over the course of the week and completed in 10 minute increments. Fore example, moderate to vigorous walking for 10 minutes, three times a day would total 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. When viewed in these smaller segments completing the 150 minute per week becomes much more achievable.

10 in 10 Challenge

The 10 in 10 Challenge was offered in 2007 to encourage Hoosiers to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Our participants showed outstanding success reducing calorie consumption and increasing physical activity levels. You can be just as successful in 2010 by starting the 10 in 10 Challenge today. Follow the links below and good luck on achieving your goals!

*IMPORTANT: Please disregard all dates, clickable links, surveys and events as those no longer function or apply.