Corporate Wellness Incentive Plans

Corporate Wellness Incentive Plans

Corporate Wellness Incentive Plans

To help motivate employees to take part in corporate wellness programs, a great tool is to offer corporate wellness incentive plans (i.e., extrinsic motivation). Corporate Wellness Incentive Plans are often a fun and easy way to get employees started in a corporate wellness program.

Cash or cash equivalents (i.e., gift certificates, etc.) should not be used as corporate wellness incentive plans unless you clearly understand the tax implications of doing so. Examples of non-taxable items used in corporate wellness incentive plans include: water bottles, mugs, pens, pencils, key chains, wrist bands, note pads, refrigerator magnets, hats, visors, tee shirts, sports bag, complimentary one-day pass to a fitness center, and shoelaces. Keep incentives simple.

Corporate wellness incentive plans don’t always have to include only tangible incentives. Participation certificates, special recognition from management, or articles in the employee newsletter are a great way to support your employees and inform co-workers of their success.

Highlighting an employee who has made a healthy lifestyle change in your newsletter can be a great motivator for co-workers and will promote the success of your corporate wellness program. Personal experience is always a great way to relate to others. Corporate wellness incentive plans can also include sponsoring a healthy pot luck lunch or brunch each month. A raffle could be held during the pot luck to give away any of the above items.

Corporate Wellness Incentive Plans: Tips and Hints

  • Encourage employees to make realistic, incremental behavior change goals that are easy to reach. Employees will be more likely to participate if they feel that they can accomplish their goal. Unreasonable goals may discourage your employees from participating.
  • Avoid providing incentives for the “first” or “best” as part or your corporate wellness incentive plans. You do not want to show your employees that only “first place” is a winner. Help employees keep in mind that their goal is to have a healthy lifestyle. Over time, employees will see that although they are receiving an incentive (such as a tee shirt) the big benefit is learning to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Conduct raffles tied to participation in group or individual events. For example, a goal of your walking club participants could be to walk 20 miles in a month. At the end of each month, the wellness coordinator could put the names of all employees who self-certify that they achieved that goal into a monthly raffle. Award raffle prizes such as water bottles, wrist bands, and visors to multiple club participants.

Corporate Wellness Incentive Plans: Additional Resources

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